Session fee is $300 
all products are purchased separately
Products start at $350  

I love using studios around the DFW area for variety and something that fits everyone.  I will send you options and we can book the studio you love the most.  Once you book your session, then it's time to shop for outfits.  Outfits can be anything you feel comfortable and sexy in.  It can be lingerie, a sweater, a robe, your spouse's shirt, a sports jersey, some short shorts, a bathing suit, PJs, etc.  When you arrive, I ask to see it all so I can see what choices would look best in spots around the studio.  I like you to save your most favorite outfit for last so by the time we get to that one, you are totally into the session.  After your session, I will edit the photos and have those previews to you in about 2-3 weeks.  From there, you will select the images you love the most and I will design your product selections like a little black book, an album, or prints. 

About your session